New Years Resolutions, Why are they important?

As we reach the final day of 2015 the reminder of new years resolutions rises once again.

The ever elusive and taunting resolution that will never be realized.
The beginning of a new you and your rocket to success, weight loss, and or smoking cessation.  Motivation to that big change for the better that last a day or so before it's forgotten about till next December 31st.

But why?

Why is it that the majority of resolutions are broken, fail or are forgotten about, and why do we care?

The reason you should care is because New Years resolutions are goals. Goals to personal success, betterment, and/or change.  The fact that most people fail at achieving them is perfect for dissecting the reasons why so that we don't make the same mistakes when setting goals.

One of the main reasons that resolutions fail is poor planning. I have visited this many times before, and can't stress it enough.  Failure to plan is planning to fail.  It's great to have an idea and a goal, but without a plan to achieve it you wont even be able to start on the road to your goal.  Every plan to a goal is a form project management,  you need a beginning, and end, support and a plan to achieve every step until the goal is achieved.

Another major reason is commitment.
This is a 2 part issue. Lack of commitment also leaves to "outs" better known as excuses.

A commitment to succeed and achieve provides you with a drive, It allows you to start taking action and plants a seed in your brain that gives a virtual kick in the butt every time you begin to drift off course.

The second part of commitment is the lack of it. Without commitment and that "kick" you leave yourself open to escapes.
You don't have the time, it's harder than you thought, it's too much money, etc.  this leads to a kick in the wrong direction and eventually you convince yourself that quitting or altering is the smart thing to do.

Failure and denial!

What these eventually lead to is failure.  The goal is not achieved, the plan is not fully executed and success is never realized.  Some people accept this and understand it was a failure and revisit the goal, plan and/or resolution, however many people do not recognize it as a failure and convince themselves that it was a good, or necessary decision, that the time wasn't right and so on.  This creates a state of denial, when what it should be causing is frustration, disappointment, and re-evaluation.

A resolution can and should work if it treated like a success goal, well planned out, committed to and executed.  The first day of the year is a perfect starting time to implement change, REAL change and to follow it through.

It is important to realize that a change is difficult.  Friends family and co-workers need to know about the change and the intent and plan must be physically visible to be looked at often to remind you why you are making the change.  Gather photos, reminders and self motivational material to keep you on track and post them someplace visible
set reminders.
make before videos to watch if you feel yourself slip.

Take control of yourself and show yourself who is boss.
Conquer the lazy, the uncommitted and misdirected you.
Do what's difficult but necessary and don't leave yourself with escape routes.
Be prepared for your own excuses and how to combat them.


If you stumble, fall of track, quit, or fail.  Re-group, learn from your mistakes, re-plan and start over until you succeed.  It may be cliche' but the only true failure is when you give up, especially if you deny that it's giving up.

I wish you all Success, Good Luck and a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!!!