Is your goal to become rich? Then rob a bank, or maybe becoming rich isn't really your goal.

One of the hardest things to do is goal setting.  The reason setting goals is so hard is because most people already think they know their goals and it becomes extremely difficult to convince themselves that their goals are not what they thought. Focusing on what the actual goal is takes a bit of work.
In my title I use an example that I experience very often when I ask people what their goals are or goal is.  I want to be rich or I want to be successful are not goals they are results of goals being achieved,  I would hope that you get more than one result out of achieving a goal, so stating that you want to be successful or rich in itself is not very ambitious.
If you want to be rich, rob a bank.  by robbing a bank you can become rich fast, however you can also lose it fast, possibly before even leaving the bank, and it is illegal, and just plain not the right way to do things.  Most people's answer is "Not that way!" when I give them my answer which then sets my point, then becoming rich isn't your goal.  Why do you want to become rich?  what do you want to do to become rich?

Many people focus on investing, owning their own business, buying property, but simultaneously lose focus on how to accomplish these mini goals.
We've all heard the expression keep your eye on the prize, but what exactly is the prize?

Using to become rich by investing, I will provide a short scenario on focus ,goal realization and setting.

To get rich by investing you not only need something to invest in but you need to know what type of investing, how much you want to invest, what you want to invest in.
Lets say the investment is real estate.
now the choice needs to be made what type of real estate, commercial, residential, flip, lease or rental?  Where do you want this to start with?
I am going to choose residential rental.
Already the goal and focus has been narrowed down  The Goal is to become wealthy, or at least make a comfortable living, investing in residential rental real estate in Wisconsin. Congratulations the goal has been discovered.
Now, getting to the goal is the next part and generally where the focus truly can be lost, what needs to be done to start on the path to the goal, and how to stay on it.
Unfortunately this is where being a sociopath would be extremely beneficial.  There is an old riddle regarding a girl that goes to the funeral of someones relative whom she takes a liking to, and in order to see him again kills another one of his relatives so that they can meet at a funeral again.  In this riddle, the girl is so focused on the goal that she acts like water or electricity and heads right to the path of least resistance. She uses simple logic that if she saw the boy once and a relatives funeral then she would see him again if there was another funeral for a relative.
This example is obviously not the recommended route to take, but it does show the process of coming to a conclusion in order to achieve a goal.   This process needs to be broadened to include more scenarios for achieving the intended goal.
Every day 1 question needs to be asked.  What can be done today, right now to help achieve the goal?
Maybe the first step is getting money to invest.  What is discovered is that the steps to achieving a goal may not seem to coincide with the actual goal.  Like getting a job at a printer in order to invest in real estate.  This may appear confusing at first, but what if that printer prints for lease signs, is in a building that's leased from a real estate investment company, and is on a bus route from your apartment?  Then the choice makes much more sense.

  1. You have a job and are making money
  2. You now have exposure to 2 routes for learning about investment property
  3. you can save more money by not having to drive.
More steps can be taken such as reducing cost for services like cable.  Getting a room mate or two. Clothes tend to get ruined working at a printer there is a reduced need for clothing, coveralls perhaps.  Reduce alcohol consumption or any other substance you may be paying extra for. Cut back on excess food consumption.  The possibilities for things that can be reduced are numerous.  The more that is streamlined and focused the more serious you are about actually achieving that goal and it will be achieved quicker.

As the process of achieving a goal progresses, more goals will appear. Mini goals that once achieved become one more step completed toward the main goal. And asking that 1 question every day, will keep the focus and keep an eye on the prize. Finding an answer and resolution and actioning that answer is one more success, one more accomplishment, and one less task that will need to be completed in order to achieve the big goal.